This is 41

Reflections of year 1 of decade 4I wish I had dedicated more time and energy to documenting and reflecting on this past year. That was my intent and reason for initiating the 30 to 40 posts and blog last year. But of course, life, obligations, emotions and limiting beliefs got the best of me. When I do write and post, there is usually more that never made it out of my head. But since I have a year of experience with this new life chapter I will do my best to sum it up.


  1. When my husband gave me a bag of Epson Salt and lovingly stated, “You will need this” I thought it was a gag gift, but ended up using it a week later after I pulled a muscle from running the day after leg strength training day (something I used to do with no problems).
  2. I learned there may be times when I am correct and communicate my thoughts and feelings in a very clinically effective way using “I statements”, it still might not make a difference and I may not get the outcome I hoped for. And there are situations when it is better to keep my mouth shut. Other times it is better to jump into the pits of fear rather than stay in a situation that drowns you in depression and anxiety and makes you feel as if you are in some absurd house of mirrors where you are sending flares for the sinking ship but everyone around is staring blankly at the blaze.
  3. No matter how uncertain or unconfident you are, if you stick to your values and are honest with yourself and others, those who matter will see through the smoke and be there for you in ways you never imagined were possible.
  4. If you do nothing, you will feel like nothing. If you talk bad about yourself you will feel bad about yourself. It is a dirty cycle that I am telling you to STOP. If you would not say it about someone you care about, don’t say it to yourself. YOU DESERVE BETTER.

    This is 41
    18 with 23 years of experience

PIVOTAL EVENTS in my 41st year of life, I:

  1. Took a leap to join a group that I knew little aside from sharing dreams and visons.
  2. Learned I have an inactive autoimmune disease and I need to practice what I preach with self-care and balance.
  3. Things are harder (emotionally and physically)
  4. Oh almost forgot, the “collision.” Almost died and took out 2 coworkers (who somehow have not held it against me and elevated me with love through puns, humor, and inside jokes/pranks). To say I am blessed is a huge understatement. I learned I am not fully in control of every aspect of my life and the true meaning of acceptance and commitment.


I have so much love for this group and I mean it when I say “My cup runneth over.” You are the force that propels me forward.

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