What Bogus Story Does Your Mind Spin You Up In?

Here is the follow up from my first post about the common negative stories that tangle me and trigger responses that are not in line with my values. I set my intention of not yelling or crying when I felt stressed or got an undesirable reaction from a family member. On the first day of baseball practice, we arrived to the field shortly after the 5:30 start time due to traffic. There are several fields and I was not sure which one was my son’s team, so I asked some parents standing near which team this was on the first field. I was pleasantly surprised that the name matched the coach’s name my husband had given me. I considered this a WIN and felt relief. I felt proud after my son declined my offer and said he could introduce himself on his own. As I went to walk away I heard one of the coach’s yell out to him, “What is your name?” Before I could even step foot to walk off the field, my son shooed me in an agitated voice and said, “Go away!” 
This triggered another bogus story my mind loves to spin me up in that I had previously forgot about the REJECTiON/EMBARRASSMENT story. This one is particularly painful. But I caught it before reacting to it and took it in stride and sat on the bench and was gentle with myself. Not too long after, the coach approached me to explain he did not have my son’s name on the team. He had not realized that my son would actually be on the 11-12 year old team instead of the 9-10 team, and surprise surprise, both coaches happened to have the same first name. That’s ok. As I walked my son over to the other field, where the much bigger looking 11-12 year olds were, I saw him fighting back a tears and he angrily told me “You made me mess up! Ouch. Strike 2 for mom. But I caught myself again and gently reminded my mind that it was his emotion talking. His WAFs (Worries Anxieties Fears) are being projected toward me with blame and anger, because he feels comfortable and safe to display that to me. And I did some self-soothing and spoke nicely to myself and stayed present with the moment (in the insane heat/humidity). I got us all there alive and my boys were both doing things that they love. I do believe if I had not set my intention to do something different, I would be stressed and angry, like in the past.

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